Supported IP PBX, Gateways and Media Servers with the Voxida VoIP Call Recording Solutions

The Voxida VoIP recording solutions are designed to work in your environment, in the way that best supports your workflow and objectives. Rather than locking you into a system that can only record a single PBX or gateway, our solutions are vendor-agnostic. For instance, if you are rolling out an Avaya implementation today, but change to a Cisco system in the future, we can easily reconfigure Voxida, thereby protecting your investment.

We help call centers to better hear the unified Voice of the Customer (VOC). That often requires first hearing the unified voice of your telecom set up, so we're on it.

Here's a partial list of supported IP PBX, gateways and media servers. This is by no means complete, as we are constantly innovating to respond to the expanded VoIP recording requirements facing call center managers both today, and in the future.

We make every effort to keep this up to date but please do contact us if you don't see your specific IP PBX model listed here; it's highly likely that your system is already fully supported, but you just found this page before we got it updated. (If that's the case, you're really, really fast and we want you on our relay team at the company picnic.)

Do you need to record calls off a VoIP and digital/TDM hybrid PBX with any mix of extension types? We do too. Please note that any Voxida call recording systems can also include digital/TDM calls, analog phones, IP, digital or analog radios, video and more. See more about complete communications system compatibility here.)

Any questions about recording Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel, NEC or other IP voice calls? Just ask.