VoIP call recording and monitoring software from Accurate Always

A fully featured VoIP call recording software package will allow to you quality monitor, record full time or on demand, run reports and get valuable, real-time call center analytics. The Voxida VoIP call recording software suite does just that.

To learn more about the valuable features, please see the sections on the main Accurate Always site, which further details the following IP voice recording software options:

Voxida HeartbeatVoxida's newest contact center software offering, the Voxida Heartbeat, provides up-to-date information on your center's utilization, traffic and resource allocations via user-friendly periodic alerts. Voxida also self-monitors its health and sends diagnostics to system administrators using the Heartbeat software, which lessens administrative overhead. the Voxida Heartbeat is now being offered at no additional cost. Learn more about this opportunity.

Want more? You can see the many additional call center software enhancements offered by Accurate Always too.

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